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 Today, as education changes, we’re working with the best and most respected authors, publishers and educationalists to develop new resources and digital solutions that enhance the teaching and learning experience for everyone – whether that’s a child learning their first words of English or solving first problem case in Maths, a class engaging with their local curriculum or a university student writing their first thesis. We’re with learners for life.

At every step of the learning journey

 At English Book Education we’re six distinct businesses working together to support students, instructors and institutions through a lifetime of learning by providing them with world class content in the most relevant, engaging and flexible formats:


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კომპანია გახდა Oxford University Press-ის ოფიციალური წარმომადგენელი.


We work with over:


Schools & Universities 

We conduct over:


Tests per year


English Book Education has been conducting ELT Training sessions and conferences since 2007. Our approach is to supply teachers with complete support by arranging teacher training sessions and conferences, led by highly professional teacher trainers. 

Since our foundation, English Book Education has organised over 100 teacher development training sessions.


We believe in the life-changing power of learning and testing. For the last 10 years, we’ve been driven by a vision of what’s possible when all people can improve their lives through education. It’s why our uncompromising commitment to testing is behind everything we do.


We work closely with: TOEFL, Pearson English Test and Language Cert to deliver high quality teaching and learning experience


Started in 2018 The King’s and Queen’s Club conducts English language sessions to discuss English language literature all over the Georgia.

Main aim is to develop personal or school libraries with literature. Sessions are held by Native speaker. Since 2018 we gave away around 50,000 books and held more than 500 sessions.


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